Fashion Lifestyle and more

Here you will find everything related to fashion and lifestyle.
From high-quality textiles and handmade jewelry from Italy to sunglasses made in the USA.
Many other items such as works of art by artists or hand-tattooed leather gloves round off the shopping experience.

Tattoo Supply

Our Tattoo Supply offers you everything you need. From daily use items to high-quality brands such as Edge Pro needles and Acus machines and much, much more.


„We are the exclusive partner and distributor for the Edge Pro cartridge brand from Portugal in the countries of Germany, Italy, Austria, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Russia.“


„We will exclusively import auto spare parts from the USA for you in the future. You can tell us what you need, and we will organize it for you, including customs clearance to Germany.“

Artist retreat Norway

In the near future, we will be creating a retreat for artists in Norway. From breathtaking views to beautiful workplaces for tattoo artists, you can find everything you need to escape from stressful everyday life.

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